Top 5 University Courses to Secure a Career in Fintech

The romance between technology and business operations has taken a unique step in the 21st century which invariably has necessitated the introduction of financial technology courses in the curricula of various universities across the globe. The study of financial technology (FinTech) courses in university brings together the use of technology and current developments in the financial world in a bid to develop an effective and efficient means of transacting in the financial world. 

Therefore, for you to excel in the FinTech industry, you need to know at least the basis in computing technology, business skills, cyber security as well as the ethical and regulatory frameworks of FinTech. The good part is; you can study online! Remarkable, isn’t it?Let us therefore explore five university courses you could study if you want to join the FinTech industry.


This course is also among the best-rated courses on FinTech. The course specializes on the foundational aspects of financial technologies and real world applications with examples from real life case studies. The course is offered at the University of Pennsylvania and is instructive for a student who wants to delve into the complex regulations of financial transactions, financial strategies with the help of modern technology as well as understand the regulatory terrain of various concepts like crowdfunding, blockchain etc.

The course is flexible as it lasts for about one month and you can study at your own pace with an average study of 15 hours per week. At the end of this course, you would be able to make informed decisions on issues relating to the FinTech industry.  You can also study online at CTE

CTE Fintech Foundation Course Online
CTE Fintech Foundation Course Online

This course is essential for beginners who want to know the basics of financial technology. The course is offered by Hong Kong University of Science and Technology with particular emphasis on the rudiments of FinTech business applications, risk management as other different specialization in the FinTech industry. Fortunately, the course lasts for only seven hours and comes with a course certificate upon completion. 

Blockchain and fintech
Blockchain and fintech

Studied at the University of Duke, this course will help you understand the legal and regulatory frameworks associated online banking system and other online transactions. Also, the course will expose you to the policies governing online lending, initial coins, cryptocurrencies etc. Unfortunately, it is only restricted to the laws and policies in the US banking regulations but it will definitely expose you to debates ongoing in the US FinTech industry. The course runs for about five weeks and comes with an E-certificate upon completion. 


This course is ideal a person who intends to revise the transformation taking place in FinTech industry. The course was designed by the Copenhagen Business School with a view of understanding the transformations which influence the financial industry as well as the functions of key payment instruments such as PayPal. The course last for about three months. 


This course also explores the changing transformation in the world of finance. Also offered by the Copenhagen Business School, the course centers on the revolution in the financial industry especially as it relates to the buying and selling of digital goods. This will also lead you to expose you to the financial practices of digital financial platforms such as PayPal and Saxo Bank. If you want to gain insight into how digital finance works, then this is the course to study.  

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