Snoop Dogg Slams Tekashi 6ix9ine On New Social Media Post

Snoop Dogg Slams Tekashi 6ix9ine

Snoop Dogg Slams Tekashi 6ix9ine On New Social Media Post:

“You funky rainbow dog head rat,” Snoop Dogg Threatens Tekashi 6ix9ine Amidst Beef. Tekashi’s decision to snitch on his former gang to be laid off jail from a sentence that would’ve been 46 years, didn’t make anyone happy.

Legendary rapper Snoop Dogg has always been quite vocal on his dislike for the 22 year-old rapper Tekashi when he snitched. According to the … rapper’s logic, 69 was supposed to remain loyal to his squad. When he was released back in March from serving two years the Gucci rapper had a chance to hit back at his “haters”.

On a deleted social media post the former Gang member quoted Suge Knight accusing Snoop of being a snitch.

“If you get a guy in custody getting in trouble and they’re not coming to prison, that’s because he’s an informant, he’s a rat, a snitch,” Knight said. “A rat is the lowest you can go. A rat will do anything.”

On an Instagram video Snoop made sure to drag the coloured hair rapper using words such as “rat”, “rainbow head” and “funky”.

“Last time you said something, I ain’t have time,” Snoop opened. “But, today, I got time. You better get the fuck off my line, nigga. Rat boy. You really better leave me alone. I ain’t the one. No way. Go on and do your shit and get out my way, bitch.

“You funky dog head, rainbow head, dog head bitch. You better leave the Dogg alone. Go find you a cat.”

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