Reasons you should become an Agribusiness Owner in Nigeria

Reasons you should become an Agribusiness Owner in Nigeria:

If you have been stalling in your decision to become an agribusiness entrepreneur in the most populous black nation and Africa’s largest economy, then you must come out of your shell now, I mean today and not tomorrow. Just yesterday being the 13th day of August 2019, the news broke out that Nigerian president has given directives to the Central Bank to halt the funding of food importation.

According to the Garba Shehu, the presidential spokesperson, the move is to improve agricultural production and food security in the country. You will agree with me that if the importation of food items comes to a halt in Nigeria, the people will turn to local farmers for succor. The current population of Nigeria is approximately 200 million with an increasing growth rate according to researchers. Becoming an agribusiness entrepreneur in Nigeria means you are positioning yourself to be of service to a people that will soon be faced with potential food scarcity.

With the understanding that food is at the top of the chain when it comes to the basic needs of man means the agricultural sector in Nigeria is about to get stretched to its limits by the people. In order to be part of the millionaires that this move will create, you need to start preparing your mind to become an agribusiness entrepreneur.

Aside from the president’s directive to the Central Bank not to fund food imports, the United States government is also making a move to aid the Nigerian agricultural sector. The information was contained in a press release by the US embassy in Abuja early this month. The theme was to “Feed The Future Nigeria Agribusiness Investment Activity” thereby promoting private sector investment in agriculture.

Reasons Why You Should Become And Agribusiness Entrepreneur


At the moment, you don’t need anybody to explain the prospect of agriculture in Nigeria for you. The agricultural sector in Nigeria is fast becoming the hub of silent millionaires who  make their money with ease. So, you keying into the trend by becoming an agribusiness entrepreneur means you are buying and investing into an emerging market with great prospects.

Agriculture in Nigeria today has become somewhat of a poor man’s job for those without the foresight to see the future of this sector. There are lots of business opportunities in agricultural sector, just left for you to identify and expand your niche. As an agribusiness entrepreneur in Nigeria, you can venture into crop production, livestock farming, forest products, and/or fishing.

The thing you need to know about the Nigerian agricultural market is that it is very large and can accommodate virtually any agricultural product. So it’s time to put on your farming garment and get dirty for your money. As a Nigerian youth, there are lots of things you can gain from here. All you need to do for yourself is to stop complaining and start planning and acting according and in line as an agribusiness entrepreneur.

Business Opportunities In Agriculture Sector For An Agribusiness Entrepreneur

There are over 50 agriculture businesses you can venture into as an agribusiness entrepreneur in Nigeria. Let us consider a few of these opportunities and how you can seize and benefit from them as an agribusiness entrepreneur.

  • Crop Production

The production of crops for consumption is one of the most important activities in the agricultural sector. As it stands, the Nigerian population requires far more than the current agricultural sector can provide. Investing your money in crop production will be a great avenue to generate huge profit potential. In Nigeria, there are certain crops that perform better and can be cultivated in large quantities. Such crops include yam, potato, rice, corn, maize, vegetable, etc.

  • Livestock Farming

As an agribusiness entrepreneur, livestock farming is one of the numerous business opportunities in agriculture sector that you can invest in. Breeding of livestock like goats, sheep, cattle, etc can yield you good returns in the Nigerian Market.

  • Poultry Farming Business

Venturing into poultry farming business in Nigeria is highly profitable with very high profit potential. As an agribusiness entrepreneur searching for a good agribusiness investment, you should consider the poultry business. You can start with broilers, layers, cockerel, or a combination of the above.


Being an agribusiness entrepreneur in Nigeria is a great opportunity to build wealth in Nigeria. Now is not the time for you to sit back and be observing the trend in the country. You need to come of the shell and seize this opportunity with both hands and start generating money for yourself.

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