Nas Reveals New Album Title “King’s Disease”, Artwork, & Length

Nas Reveals New Album Title

Nas Reveals New Album Title “King’s Disease”, Artwork, & Length:

Ask anybody who knows hip-hop what they think of Nas, and it’s likely that some variation of “one of the best lyricists of all time” will be shared — sometimes even wistfully, as the speaker proceeds to reminisce on that one particular Nas track that blew their mind (it was “Get Down” for me).

And while Escobar’s last few studio albums in Nasir and The Lost Tapes 2 didn’t exactly set the world ablaze, nobody concluded that the rapper was down and out. In fact, the game has been patiently waiting for a new album from Nas, and in only a few weeks we’ll be getting exactly that.

Following a hype-inducing announcement that he and Hit-Boy would be delivering a new project on August 21st (one week prior to a brand new studio album from The Lox, if that wasn’t enough), we’ve officially received more news about the upcoming drop.

A pre-order page on Itunes reveals that it will be titled King’s Disease, a possible reference to Gout; back in the day, those who possessed the most wealth were more susceptible to Gout, as they were able to eat far more than mere peasants. Given that this is Nas we’re talking about, it wouldn’t be surprising to see him explore the double meaning at some point.

The pre-order page also provides a look at the lavish album cover. Appropriately opulent in nature, scarlet cherubs overlook a an elaborate and decadent feast, certainly fit for a king.

You can check it out right here. It has also been confirmed that we’re looking at fourteen tracks (with one bonus), including the lead single “Ultra Black,” featuring Hit-Boy. While information remains scarce, there’s a feeling in the air that Nas will be coming out swinging on this one — look for King’s Disease to arrive in full on August 21st. 

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