Keke Palmer Reacts After August Alsina’s Slams Her On Twitter

Keke Palmer Reacts After August Alsina’s Slams Her On Twitter:

It’s been about fourteen days since August Alsina affirmed what many had suspected for some time now – he was impractically engaged with Jada Pinkett Smith in the previous scarcely any years. While Jada and Will tended to the situation on Red Table Talk the previous evening, others apparently tolled in on the web including Keke Palmer. “The subject is limits. Everyone doesn’t have to know your business, that is not phony it’s respecting one’s security,” she tweeted.

A client at that point tweeted an image of Keke Palmer and August Alsina together, expressing, “this you?” Keke denied that they at any point dated yet it immediately activated August to go on an all out outburst against her on Twitter. “U Absolutely right. I was never ur man,” he answered.

Keke Palmer Reacts After August Alsina

“It appears u frantic u got bended, however ur ‘companions’ r the explanation 4 that.Dey demonstrated me an unending string of txt/pics of me dat u sent, wrry’d abt who I date &BEGGED me 2 not further upset ur mental insecurity.” He included later that he “screwed w/Keke” yet clarified was dampening for her to be “clandestinely subconscious shade” as of late.

Keke Palmer reacted on Instagram with a long inscription where she clarified how she wouldn’t really fight back against August, however she conceded that she has the screen captures and receipts to back-up her cases.

“I wouldn’t feel great kicking somebody when they are down on the grounds that it’s so natural to assault when you’re in a corner, I get it,” she said. “Individuals be harming you all and more often than not it has nothing to do with you. I can’t fuck up my karma stressed over my self image, however I’m human and I have one. Simply realize I am that bitch regardless of what my modesty may cause one to accept. I don’t need to ask or be anxious for a damn thing in light of the fact that my ability talks stronger than my looks. Leave the cheek alone turned pooh’s, my character is excessively solid.”

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I wanna be mean, but I can’t. I want to post screenshots, but I won’t. I feel attacked, but It’s not about me. It’s about so much more than that and as much as I want to defend myself against the disrespect I have received(cause I mean I’m not nice all the time ?) this is about something so much bigger. I wouldn’t feel good kicking someone when they are down because it’s so easy to attack when you’re in a corner, I get it. People be hurting y’all and most of the time it has nothing to do with you. I can’t fuck up my karma worried about my ego, though I’m human and I have one. Just know I am that bitch despite what my humility may make one believe. I don’t have to beg or be thirsty for a damn thing because my talent speaks louder than my looks. Let the cheek be turned pooh’s, my character is too strong.

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