Kamaiyah Discusses Relationship With YG, Denies Kehlani Death Threat Allegations

Kamaiyah Discusses Relationship With YG, Denies Kehlani Death Threat Allegations:

Narrows Area craftsman Kamaiyah is exploring her profession by her own principles. She was once marked to YG’s 4Hunnid name, however that relationship broke up. In an ongoing meeting, the rapper examined being “troubled” and “hopeless” while under the name, making her at long last talk with YG about heading out in their own direction. She guarantees that her collection continued being pushed back over and over, and she “cautioned” him that in the event that it happened once more, she would present her dismissal notifications.

At the point when gotten some information about her present relationship with YG, she said there was none. “It’s certainly cut off on the grounds that you know, similar to I stated, others have their own vision for their business,” Kamaiyah disclosed to The Source.

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“Toward the day’s end, I feel like that is the difficulties that accompanied a craftsman attempting to have a craftsman, isn’t that so? Since they attempt to assemble it dependent on their emotions and what they need for themselves.

At the point when you sign a craftsman, it’s not about what you need for that craftsman and their profession. You should need them to arrive at their full tallness. Whatever it takes to get them there, you got the opportunity to place your everything into getting that going.”

She included that she appreciates the way Lil Wayne helped Drake and Nicki Minaj, including that he never held them up from turning out to be stars. “I’m similar to, man, that ain’t about you.

It’s about what I need and how I see my profession prospering. What’s more, I wasn’t given that chance.” Kamaiyah additionally tended to the past web spat with Kehlani, saying that she never gave any passing dangers toward the vocalist.

“She said I said I was going to shoot up her home, which has never happened,” the rapper expressed. “That is on my dead sibling, my sibling kicked the bucket four years prior from disease. I could at no point ever take steps to shoot up a R&B artist’s home.

My nigga, I am from the boulevards. So like, do you sincerely feel that it’s that genuine for me to shoot up a R&B artist’s home and endanger my way of life and what I based on my vocation, is it actually that genuine? No, it was rarely that genuine, however you know, that is the account of the individuals went with on the grounds that they’re manipulative.”

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