J Molley’s Manager Asserts He’s Been Underrated Because He is White

J Molley Underrated

J Molley’s Manager Claims SA Hip Hop Is Disregarding Him Because He Is White. It might not have crossed many people’s minds but even in Hip Hop race plays its part.

J Molley’s manager Nave has pulled out a race card when he was posing complaint on the SABC 1 Hip hop show of the new generation. Hosted by Tweezy he made an announcement just last week, unfortunately not everyone celebrated the venture of this new show.

Nav questioned why is the show disregarding other artists who are also on the wave. He made an example of Molley and Lethabo Acid, said he understood they would cast Molley out because his white but why also Acid who is black.

“Niggas made a show about the new generation of SA hiphop & you don’t see J Molley or Lethabo Acid’s face once. People really don’t know who started all this shit & inspired these kids & it’s so sad, J Molley’s white so it’s expected, but Lethabo? Long Live Treehouse I guess,” wrote Nav.

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