“It’s easier for Messi to go to PSG than for Neymar to return to Barcelona”

It's easier for Messi to go to PSG than for Neymar to return to Barcelona

“It’s easier for Messi to go to PSG than for Neymar to return to Barcelona”:

Neymar’s agent, Wagner Ribeiro, assured that the Brazilian player will not move from PSG and that it’s easier for Messi to join the French side than for the winger to do so at Barca.

Neymar will not return to Barcelona. At least that’s what is understood from the words of his agent, Wagner Ribeiro, who assured that the Brazilian player will remain in the ranks at PSG. 

After two summers in which it was speculated that the player could return to the Camp Nou, the doors are completely closed in 2020, according to Ribeiro.

“There was a time when he was sad because of his injuries. At that time he was inclined to leave, return to Barcelona or go to Real Madrid. Not now, you can see his joy”, his agent said.

Neymar’s good moment, who despite not scoring has led PSG to the Champions League final, has made his exit unfeasible, as the Brazilian is at ease at the Parc des Princes.

“Living in the City of Lights, where everyone wants to walk around, enjoy French cuisine, live in a beautiful house, with friends and family nearby, playing at one of the best clubs… what reason would he have to leave PSG?“, Ribeiro added.

Such is the confidence that Neymar’s agent made it clear. “It’s easier for Messi to go to PSG than for Neymar to return to Barcelona. Messi or Ronaldo. I’m serious, you can’t doubt the economic power of Qatar”, he added.

In this way, and with Neymar at the doors of what could be his first Champions League with PSG, from the player’s close circle they assure that he isn’t considering an exit from the French side and that he will remain, at least for one more year, in the ranks of the French outfit.

This is in line with the words offered by Josep Maria Bartomeu, Barcelona president, in which he ruled out the signing of Neymar in this atypical 2020 summer.

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