How to Startup Dog Breeding Business In Nigeria

How to Startup Dog Breeding Business In Nigeria – A Step-by-Step Approach:

Dog breeding business in Nigeria has become an agribusiness venture that you really need to pay attention to at this point in time. It is always good for you to start your own business, especially now that there is little or no job security. In Nigeria today, there are tons of businesses that you can venture into and dog breeding business is one of them. The good thing about dog farming business in Nigeria is that it is really booming.

You will be surprised to know that one in every twenty household in Nigeria has a dog. This article will provide you with the needed information on how to start your dog breeding business. Sit back as I take you through this lucrative business of dog farming in Nigeria. In this article, you will be provided with information regarding:

  • How good is dog business in Nigeria?
  • The importance of dog breeding business plan in Nigeria
  • Need to register with dog breeders in Nigeria
  • The different dog breeds in Nigeria

Before starting your dog breeding business, the above information will be very useful and vital as well.

Why Dog Breeding Business In Nigeria?

You may be asking why dog farming business. Well, the simple answer is that dog breeding business is highly profitable. Whether you are breeding the dogs for meat or security purposes, there is high demand for the animal in Nigeria. When you consider the fact that one in every household in Nigeria has a dog, it tells you that the market is really huge.

It will interest you to know that Nigerian spend hundreds of millions of naira to buy and marinating pets. Dog is the most popular among these pets. One sad thing about this statistics is the fact that huge chunk of the money goes to foreign dog breeders. Now is the time to join in this money spinning dog breeding business.

Dog Breeding

On the average, the market price lists of some breeds of dogs include:

  • The female pure breed boar bull of a year old goes for around N250,000
  • Dobberman dog puppy is sold for N70,000 or even more
  • For the Caucasian shepherd puppy, it s sold for N120,000
  • The male pure breed of boar bull can be sold for N100,000

This tells you that the business is highly profitable, provided you do it well.

Important Requirements For Starting Your Dog Breeding Business In Nigeria

Before starting your dog breeding business in Nigeria, there are certain things you need to put in place. These requirements include the following:

  1. Get a good dog breeding business plan

Like every other business, you will need to have a business plan in place before starting your dog farming business. It is very important that you have a dog breeding business plan in Nigeria. The business plan will help you to get a very good understanding of the dog market in Nigeria. There are different dog breeds in Nigeria, so you need to study the breeds in high demand in your locality.

Commercial dog breeding business in Nigeria requires that you have a good understating of the business of which a good business plan will help you achieve. A good dog breeding business plan will contains things like feasibility study, market research, financial projections and analysis, the competition, etc. It is also very important that you identify with dog breeders in Nigeria. Joining such organization will help you to keep in touch with all trends in the market.

Your business plan will also help you to access agricultural loans from both the government and/or private individuals. Having a dog breeding business plan is an indispensable requirement you must never neglect.

  1. Select the particular dog breed

There are different dog breeds in Nigeria, so you need to make a choice on the breed you want to rear. You can decide to rear the local dogs or the foreign breeds. The foreign breeds include Doberman, Caucasian and German shepherds, Bull dog, boar bull, etc. You need to select the particular breed(s) you want to rear.

A good way to select is to carry out a market survey on the particular breed that is most desired in that your environment.

  1. Get the needed skill set

It is very important for you to know the needed techniques needed to keep you dogs in good shape. Reading this article opens your eyes to the steps you need to take, however you need to get enlightened by a professional dog breeder if you can find one. If you cannot, there is no problem you can reach out to dog breeders in Nigeria who are already in the business. Such people have firsthand experience and are better positioned to advice you.

Currently, the internet has simplified lots of things. You can watch some videos online (YouTube tutorials) to help expand your knowledge in dog breeding business.

  1. Purchase dogs for breeding and their feeds

After you must have decided on the particular dog species to breed, the next thing is to buy the dogs for breeding. For a commercial dog breeder in Nigeria, you need to have male and female dogs to multiply your farm. You should be very careful to buy the healthy breeds of dogs for your farm. You can seek the help of a good dog breeder in this case.  Before buying these dogs, you must have built a portable accommodation for them.

A single male dog is enough to mate with as many as the females you want to start with. It is highly advisable that you start with a small number to test run the business before adding more dogs to your farm. Dogs eat much more than a human, so feeding your dog is a very serious business. You can feed your dogs with the same food consumed in the house or you can go for the specialized feeds for dogs. It is very important that you plan and budget for their feeds ahead of time.


Dog breeding business is a highly profitable venture in Nigeria; all you need is the information and guidance to succeed. Before venturing into this business, ensure you have all things in place to avoid poor output in the end.

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