How to Start Up a Shawarma Business in Nigeria

Shawarma, one of the best and tasty food i Nigeria. How do you make earns meat out of it? Come with me on this write up.

If the traffic in your area is good and a lot of people pass by, then this will be a good business choice.

One of the good reasons why this business is profitable is because there is no limit to how much you can earn. Furthermore, there is no limit to how big the business can expand. It all lies in your vision and your passion and what you are willing to put in making the business the biggest in town.

Shawarma Business
Shawarma Business

List of materials and equipment for a start;

  1. Shawarma toaster
  2. Deep fryer
  3. Deep freezer
  4. Insects killer
  5. Fry pan and pots
  6. Apron

It is also a good business plan to take the business online. You should also consider having a website, a social media channel, business cards for gigs if you’re invited to a wedding party etc. But the least above should get you started.

Factors that will Make You Stand Out in your Shawarma Business

Shawarma stand business is lucrative if it’s done well. The following are some quick factors that help attract customers thereby boosting sales.


If your shawarma taste great, no one will leave it for another.. That’s why it’s good to acquire the skill, to know how to prepare a good delicious one.

Presentation and Packaging

The way you package your Shawarma, yourself and space affects customers responses.


The server, environment, everything and everywhere have to be clean and tidy. No one will like to patronise a joint or spot whose owner isn’t hygienic.

Price of the Shawarma

The price also play a huge role. For instance If others are selling at N2000, please sell at N1950.. That little difference is what you need to beat your competitors.

Take Your Business Online

The edge than an online presence provides for a Business of this type is unlimited. Having an Instagram channel could be your online presence. More people engage with your products.

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