How to Earn a Living Online as a Student in Nigeria

Perhaps you’re looking forward to earning money on the side as a student. Or you may be looking for part-time or minimum time consuming ways to earn money.

If you are looking for one, you have come to the right place. There are many ways you can earn money as a student, or without stepping out of your home. All you need is a Smartphone, laptop, desktop computer, and internet connection. Some can be done with your smartphone alone. With these, you can make plenty of money online, without much hustling.

Make  A living Online
Make A living Online

Listed below are 5 Easy and best ways to Make Money Online as a student in 2019:

1. Express Yourself on WahClass

WahClass is a platform that helps people discover their niche, create a topic and get paid. This innovative platform was launched in September 24th and seeks to curb the problem of unemployment in the country. An amazing thing about WahClass is the DDPS system that helps you Discover, Distill , Package  and Sell your knowledge. Giving you the opportunity to earn an unlimited income.You either register as a tutor or learner.

You don’t need to have a topic before registering as a tutor. A wizard has been programmed to help you discover your hotcake topic. You can share it as a write up, record on your phone or make a video. WahClass assists you all the way.

WahClass 2.0 promises a minimum of N25,250 for approved tutors, monthly. Not only do you get paid but you also have a growing community of followers on your topic.


  1. Little or no start-up capital
  2. Convenience
  3. Free to sign-up
  4. Doesn’t uses much of your time
  5. Can be done with your Smartphone alone


  1. None found.

2. Paid Surveys

This is becoming the most popular way of making money online. This method involves filling online surveys. Surveys are important for manufacturers and that is why they engage research companies to answer specific questions relating to their goods and services.

Some surveys do not take time to complete while others could be lengthy. Payment for surveys varies. You have to compare the various review sites and choose those you think to be more rewarding. Here are different companies you can start today:

  1.  Vivatic
  2.  IPSOS
  3.  Opinion Outpost
  4.  Global Test Market

Many survey sites reward with cash while others pay gift cards and other prizes that can be redeemed.


  1. It does not take much time to complete.
  2. The method is perfect for anybody especially those with tight schedules.
  3. Most of them do not require a permanent contract.
  4. You can only answer those questions relating to you, which mean that you can skip some.
  5. Can be done with your smartphone alone


  1. Most of the surveys sites are not available to everyone, because they are location based

3. Promote People on Adstatnetwork

Adstat is an affiliate network and an online classifieds system that pays. It’s regarded as a platform where people promote people.

On Adstat, you earn money by choosing and re-posting adverts and posters you like, on your network (WhatsApp, Social media etc) and you get paid for each successful recommendation, as well as for each people that clicked your link. Adstat users earn in 3 ways. 1. Per click : When someone clicks your recommendation link 2. Commission Earnings : If for example you promoted a clothing item and someone visits it and buys that clothing item, a percentage of the BID given in the post will be paid to you. 3. Registering an Ad: You get paid when you help people post their adverts on Adstat.Website here

4. Freelancing

Freelancing is one of the  best lucrative ways of earning money online. It is not difficult to start a freelancing job; you only need the skill, an internet connection, as well as a computer. Perhaps the best freelancing job many people engage in is freelance writing. Depending on your skill, you can earn as much as fifty cents per word. It is possible to earn twice or thrice that amount. Before you can become successful, you require a reputable online portfolio or resume. It is not only writing job you can do as a freelancer; there are other programming jobs such as designing, graphics and so on. You need a large clientele base to succeed. There are many freelancing websites you can get started:

  3. Listverse
  4. Top Tenz
  5. Funds for writing


  1. It is possible to have a long-term contract
  2. You can build a very long lasting relationship
  3. You can easily start


  1. Heavy commissions
  2. It consumes time.

5. Create Video Tutorials on YouTube

Many people are earning money on YouTube. The best way to do that is to create a YouTube video tutorial, and sell them or make money per impression. All you need is a superior quality camera, and you can do it with your Smartphone.


  1. This does not require much investment
  2. Useful information is freely available
  3. You are not required to be SEO expert here


  1. You need to have a video editing skill

6. Join the Writers Movement

Writing to Solutions is an initiative targeted at grooming writers, solving problems through writing and giving writers a platform to express themselves. It’s a movement started by the Founder of, A Writer and Entrepreneur, Joshua Anabuike with a mission to “impact the world with our expressions which lies within” and “using the right information technology”. Getting Started with Writing to Solutions The platform is open and has no special requirements. However, you will need to provide your email address and your name in the form below to get more details as well as how to participate.These are the various ways of making money online. These do not require a significant investment. It is a question of using your computer, Smartphone, or laptop and having an internet connection. You can make money fro these jobs as a student, You can do these jobs sitting in the bus and in your home too.

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