Emtee Goes Hard Against Kid Tini On New Tweets Over Joint Song

Emtee Goes Hard Against Kid Tini On New Tweets

Emtee Goes Hard Against Kid Tini On New Tweets Over Joint Song:

“Never Said Anything About Your Song” Emtee Replies To Kid Tini Questioning His Loyalty. Ambitiouz rapper Kid Tini is out for blood having revealed the receipts he is withholding about Mabala Noise and now he is checking Emtee for his alleged shady behaviour.

The ‘Buss A Move’ hitmaker took to twitter to call out Emtee claiming that a week ago all was good between them but all of a sudden, he feels different about his song feat Styles P & Stogie T titled Get money was not the best.

Kid Tini also questioned Emtee’s loyalty, asking him to be clear if there is any bad blood between them.

“Aye @emteethehustla_ wus good bro? I just spoke to you bout a record we did together on my album bout a week ago, we was cool. Now you on here knocking my hustle. Be clear, do we got a problem?”

Emtee responded to the rapper stating that he never did anything to sabotage his song, it just simply wasn’t received well by the crowd.

“Never said anything about your song. Streets just wasn’t bumping it” Emtee replied.

Things got a little tense when the conversation turned into a confrontation when Kid Tini fired back claiming that the song was an acquired taste and he wasn’t surprised that Emtee felt this way.

“Aight bet, can’t say I’m surprised it went over ya head big hustle. That shits an acquired taste” Kid Tini said.

Emtee closed the topic by stating that he meant no offence and it is what it is.

“jus saying. No offense” Emtee responded.

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