Cassper Nyovest Won’t Be Giving Any Clarity About Self on Social Media Again

Cassper Nyovest Social Media

Cassper Nyovest Won’t Be Giving Any Clarity About Self on Social Media Again:

Cassper Nyovest Explains Why He Won’t Engage On Complex Issues On Social Media. Social media has become a very important tool in the world where people bring their issues in attempt to sort them out but instead get dragged for them, which is why Cassper is just not about that drama.

Cassper took to twitter to express his views of the mistake that people constantly make of using social media to explain themselves to people who are just there to drag and entertain themselves and are not prepared to listen and understand what is being said.

The rapper continued saying that he thinks social media platforms are superficial to try and have a straight and productive discussions as you would face-to-face, concluding his message saying that nobody could ever make a change in the world through a tweet.

“Time and again we get on these social media platforms to explain ourselves to people who don’t want to understand us. If we ever meet in person, we will get to know each other. These platforms are to shallow to dissect anything complex. You can’t change the world through a tweet” he wrote.

So if you were hoping the rapper will one day pour his heart out to social media on pressing issues involving him, you can just forget it because he prefers to keep things on the real.

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