Cam’ron Takes Side With Jay-Z After Faizon Love Calls Him Fake

Cam'ron Takes Side With Jay-Z After Faizon

Cam’ron Takes Side With Jay-Z After Faizon Love Calls Him Fake:

Cam’ron is coming to Jay-Z’s defense after comedian Faizon Love claimed that the rapper’s entire persona as a former drug dealer is fake.

“I like Jay-Z. I like him as a guy and the whole thing he created about this fake dope dealing,” Love said during a recent appearance on the Hip-Hop Uncensored podcast. “That’s when I stopped liking him. This n***a ain’t sold no cocaine in his life—I don’t think he’s ever won a fight.

“There’s no stories of the other side,” he continued. “Somebody going to bust you. Nobody ever sold you pancake? … All this shit sounds like an episode of Miami Vice.”

Cam’ron, who admitted he doesn’t have the best relationship with Jay-Z, defended Hov on Instagram, saying “hustlers respect hustlers.”

“I know me and Hov haven’t had the best relationship (publicly) but Faizon don’t know what the fuck he’s talking bout,” Cam’ron wrote on Instagram. “Weather legally or illegally ni***s got to it.”

Jay-Z, especially early in his career, often rapped about the ins and outs of drug dealing during his rise in Brooklyn, New York. Check out the clip of Love’s comments and Cam’ron’s response below.

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