Boity Relates How She Feels About Her Mom Being A Sangoma

Boity Relates How She Feels About Her Mom Being A Sangoma

Boity Relates How She Feels About Her Mom Being A Sangoma:

Boity Shares How She Feels About Her Mom Being A Sangoma. Rapper and businesswoman Boity Thulo has expressed how she feels about actually referring to her mom as a Sangoma.

The 30 year-old star revealed in a few words that her sassy & fabulous mother is a traditional healer as well. This comes after Boity went public with her journey to being a Sangoma back in 2015 Clearly the calling exists in her bloodline.

The Bakae rapper expressed on Twitter that it’s a bit awkward (in a good way) for her to go around saying her mom is a Sangoma because she considers herself a cool kid. She emphasized with heart emojis to show she’s proud of it either way.

Speaking to TshisaLive earlier on the year, the platinum selling rapper explained what being a Sangoma means to her.

“I don’t have any regrets about letting people in. I took a huge risk because back then people wouldn’t have revealed much about this aspect of their lives, preferring instead to keep it private.

“It was part of my spiritual journey to be open about it. I wasn’t doing it for attention or to boost my career. I’m glad that I did it because as the year progressed, people were inspired, young girls who are on a spiritual journey especially … it was to challenge mainstream beliefs about traditional healing and show people there was nothing to fear.”

Boity joins the list of Mshoza, Kelly Khumalo, Buhle Mda and Letoya Makhene as celebrities who heed their calling to be Izangoma.

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