Boity Made Known Who Her “Unemployed Roach” Insult Was Targeted At

Boity Made Known Who Her “Unemployed Roach” Insult Was Targeted At

Boity Made Known Who Her “Unemployed Roach” Insult Was Targeted At:

Def Jam Rapper Boity recently spent a whole 24 hours at the top of the twitter trends after retaliating to men who targeted her, claiming that no man wants to be with her because of her supposed masculinity and so much more.

The rapper then replied to the scrutiny by referring to the haters as “unemployed roaches” which evidently caused a big stir in the twitter community and needless to say, the masses are still touched by the remark even today.

Boity has now returned to the topic of “Unemployed roach men” expressing what pushed her to make the offensive comment, stating that she was insulted and slandered by men on twitter and she only did as they did, however if you didn’t come for her, then you have nothing to worry about.

“A few days ago, I was being trolled by a number of men on this app throughout the day. These men insulted me in every way possible. I too responded with insults & proceeded to call those men unemployed roaches. If you didn’t insult me that day, the insult was not meant for you” Boity wrote.

Boity then further called out one of the responsible men who targeted her, claiming that the hate that was directed at the rapper was constructive critism, which seems to be something that celebrities can’t to grasp due to their supposed lack of maturity.

She also slammed those who expect her to take the hate without responding back to trolls, even though some of these trolls always manage to take things a little to far.

“So guys on this app can freely say they hope that I’m infertile, threaten to physically hurt me when they meet me in person, etc and I must take that as constructive criticism” Boity wrote.

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