Big Zulu React To Claims That He Has Been Shading A-Reece

Big Zulu React Shading A-Reece

Big Zulu React To Claims That He Has Been Shading A-Reece:

Big Zulu Retorts To Claims That He Has Been Throwing Shots At A-Reece. We have seen it many times how fans are always on the lookout on how cool or uncool rappers are with each other. At times these passionate fans make assumptions that turn out to be untrue but are most likely hit the right spot.

Lately a follower quoted a line from one of Big Zulu’s songs and claimed he was throwing shots at Reece. The two have never been linked before and lately have never been people to entertain conflict. When Zulu saw the quote he was utterly displeased and swore at the tweep.

Translated in English the lyrics read: “we waiting for bars but we can’t hear them/word will be by that he doesn’t appear on tv/ he’s not being played on a radio, Nasty C is doing better than him?/Now he raps so much he listens to the Skrr Skrr.”

Big Zulu replied by saying “udakwe insila awugezile ukhuluma … (peach emoji).” He was clearly dissing the tweep and dismissing the assumptions.

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