AKA Detailed Why His Twitter Clapbacks Are Not Detrimental To His Success

AKA Detailed Why His Twitter Clapbacks

AKA Detailed Why His Twitter Clapbacks Are Not Detrimental To His Success:

Speaking to Sizwe Dhlomo on a latest interview at IONO f.m he shared how his clapbacks on twitter would never tamper with his success. The TMB rapper broke it down for listeners on what a fan is and that he never lashes out at fans.

“Here’s what people need to understand. The words fan and people – the public are being used interchangeably. Let me break down what a fan is fan is somebody who supports you, someone who streams your music and calls on the radio station and ask them to play your song. Somebody who buys your sneakers/products,” he said.

“Somebody who supports. Someday on Twitter or Instagram talking at you in a certain way. I am never lashing out on a fan in fact it’s the opposite, I’ve been this way for many many years. If it was still detrimental to me why would I he still at the top of the game. How detrimental could it be for me if you look where I am now,” AKA explained.

The Nickelodeon award winner shared last year that haters actually inspire him to be greater than he already is.

“Nothing brings me more comfort than knowing whatever anyone achieves, people will drag me into the conversation. It’s like the gift that keeps giving.”

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