50 Cent Takes Shots At Meek Mill – “How Do You Sign To A Correctional Officer?”

50 Cent Takes Shots At Meek Mill – “How Do You Sign To A Correctional Officer?”:

50 Cent had a ton of fun on Friday night’s scene of Young Money Radio. As he was met by Lil Wayne, the head honcho talked about Pop Smoke’s up and coming collection, his adoration for Nicki Minaj, and his tutelage under Eminen, among different themes. With Black Lives Matter being such an applicable subject at the present time, obviously, 50 and Wayne addressed the atmosphere of things here in America. This is when 50 paused for a minute to apparently go after Meek Mill.

“On the off chance that you said to me, I’m not going to state who I’m discussing, right,” 50 started shrewdly. “I’m simply going to state, in the event that you speak to jail change, how would you sign to a prison guard and you oversaw by a nark? Help me, help me with this man. I simply take a gander at certain crap and I go, ‘Pause, how is that?'”

Submissive’s profession took off after he marked to Maybach Music Group, which was made by Rick Ross. Ross and 50 have been at chances for a considerable length of time. 50 has continually referenced Ross’ past, in which he was a prison guard. The G-Unit supervisor likewise clearly brings Roc Nation COO Desiree Perez into the conversation also. Perez purportedly turned into an observer for the DEA, thinking back to the 90s. Docile Mill is marked to Roc Nation the executives.

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